About Hearts oF Fire


Acupressure is founded in traditional
eastern medicine. Clinical observation
& scientific studies show that its benefits include:

•Reducing Fear & Anxiety

•Improving Flexibility & Mobility

•Relieving Muscle Spasms & Stiffness

•Balancing The Body's Energies

•Releasing Endorphins & Natural Cortisone

•Building The Immune System to Resolve or Prevent Illness


Hearts of Fire was established by Anita DeLelles and serves the southern Utah & southern Nevada vicinities with acupressure massage therapy for horses & small animals.

Anita was formerly on the board of the Nevada SPCA (www.nevadaspca.org). Other organizations Anita is involved in / spends her time volunteering are Best Friends Animals Sanctuary in Kanab, UT (www.bestfriends.org)  and PAWS in
St. George, UT (

Anita shares her life not only with her husband Ron, but also her overly pampered cats and horses in St. George, Utah. She credits her cat Espresso for inspiring her into a stimulating and fulfilling career change -- the Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, animal acupressure, animal and human massage.

The Healing Art of

Animal Acu-Massage